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when a man, another man, a woman, a transexual midget, and a step ladder put rotten blueberries up each other's anal tube, get on the step laddder and shoot them out of their anus into each other's mouths. they form a circle, with the midget on the ladder, to perform this feat. if the mucles around the anus are too weak to shoot the blueberries, small explosives can be used.

No....We're not high...This really happens. You don't want to be a part of it...Actually...It's really fun, i do it every day, and so does Dom Muscatella.
Dude, i got super wasted and did a dirty blueberry monkey with your mother, your cousin, and your brother...Who looks like a yette. I'm so sorry bro, you might want to clean that step ladder...
by transexualanusgulper July 08, 2010
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