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A snowboarder who wears super skinny snow pants, a flannel-over-hoodie combo, and holds their hood over their luscious, wavy mane with Ashbury goggles. Mustache Madness is optional, but creates that Dirty Sanchez atmosphere that gives any gypsy the upper hand. Special accessories, like dream catchers and a rabbit's foot, give the gypsy's all the Good Vibes. Compliment that steezy attire with a stereotypical trick, like a tucknee, and you've got the dirtiest bum on the hill.
Random Steeze McGee- "Broham, check out that guy shredding the gnar! He's completely killing it!"
Informed Snowboarder- "That guy's a Dirty Street Gypsy!"
by Random Steeze McGee January 04, 2011
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