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a hardcore stoner or drug addict that sits in his or her basement for weeks in the dark without showering or cleaning themselves in any way.
Tim: is Bill comin out today?

John: no hes just gonna sit in his basement hittin the bowl and smokin crack

Tim: what a dirty caveman
by wetdickallnight October 03, 2011
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dirt·y /dərdē/ cave /kāv/ man /man/


A prehistoric sexual maneuver dating back to over 300 million years ago during the mid Paleozoic era. Also known as an ancient precursor to "Ass to mouth". According to translations from crude cave drawings recently discovered in the unicorn lair located in modern day North Korea, the act is executed as follows.

1: The application of a male's fleshy phallus to the rear female orifice.
2: The application of a male's club or other blunt force trauma inducing object to the female's head thus inducing the state known as unconsciousness. It is important that the phallus remain inside the orifice and penetration continue throughout this step.
3: Upon the female regaining consciousness, but not yet fully aware of her situation, the fleshy phallus must be removed and immediately begin penetration of the female's oral orifice (aka: man-pleaser, drama hole, or mouth) in that brief moment where her consciousness is just beginning to be attained.

Note: Rumors have surfaced that cavemen (preferably called "persons of the cave") Still exist to this day and have integrated themselves into modern society thus avoiding our notice and still practice this sexual act here in modern times. They cannot be confirmed not debunked however as any attempts at research have to been known to cause headaches, concussions, sore derriere, and a nasty taste in one's mouth.
Bar Patron: "Man It's never been so quiet around here."

Man of the cave: "Diesel was being a mouthy cunt so I bent her over the bar and fucked that hot ass of hers, then finished her off with a Dirty Caveman."
by Paleozoic Philomath January 19, 2017
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