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You will need: 1 hotlink (or sausage if you prefer) and 1 hotdog bun
Dirty Mayo Hotlink: The act of ejaculating into the anus of another person, once done you must shove a hotlink (or sausage) into their rectum and then have them squeeze it out on a hotdog bun, You will then proceed to feed it to them.
Damn bro! I just gave that bitch a Dirty Mayo Hotlink and she wanted seconds!!!

I had some leftovers from the barbecue I didn't know what to do with, Then I remembered how much my mom likes Dirty Mayo Hotlinks!!!

Dude I just gave my sister a Dirty Mayo Hotlink but it burned the tip of my Dick!!! "Well that's because you're supposed to blow your load in her ass first before you shove in the Hotlink you fucktard"!!!
by Jonez82 October 03, 2013
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