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The Dirty Fuller is defined as fit of rage perpetuated by by a pregnant woman, usually occurring in the third trimester. With the ultimate goal being to humiliate the father to be, the Dirty Fuller is characterized by a sudden outburst of cruel and dehumanizing verbiage directed at the person closest in proximity, other than said father to be. Goal two is purposely and without foundation or evidence to support it's cruel intent, to vacate the innocent recipient of any feelings of cheer or good will. Victims of the Dirty Fuller are advised to reserve comment for it's duration, and make a quiet and immediate exit when when the perpetrator leaves to urinate. However, if time permits, common retaliation prior to exit is the Upper Decker, Upper Decker Deluxe, and the Upper Decker Deluxe Dry.
Ace was speechless as she lashed out at him with her wicked Dirty Fuller. But before his exit, he left a nice upper decker to show his sentiment.

The was nothing JJ could do as he witnessed Ace suffering the indignity of the Dirty Fuller.
by A C E April 08, 2008
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