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1. (DIRTY) - Someone who is dirty and likes to do you dirty or (wrong).
2. (DOUCHER) - The repeated act of Douchary by someone for no apparent reason other than the pure joy of being an asshole.

The perpetrators are often males who have extremely small penises. Their diet consists almost entirely of Hot Pockets, Doritos and Mountain Dew. Though age is not a factor, many are 30+ and live in their momma’s basement, with their entire social life being made up of xbox live and World of Warcraft. They often smell like sweaty sex because of frequent masturbation and rarely ever bathing (Dirty). They tend to have very little education, but claim to know everything, about everything and love to debate for hours about the grand design of the universe.
That guy that was following us around and team killing us on Battlefield Bad Company 2 was a DIRTY DOUCHER!
by Technoide May 20, 2011
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The combinations of Dirty + Doucher
DIRTY - when someone for no reason does you dirty or (wrong)
DOUCHER someone who is an (asshole, Douche Bag, Dip Shit, numb nutts, team killer) usually a male with a very small penis and a complete lack of common sense or decency.
That DIRTY DOUCHER Butters kept team killing me on Battlefield Bad Company 2 last night.
by Technoide May 18, 2011
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