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Used primarily in Facebook groups. Dirty delete is when someone makes a post and later decides to delete it, usually because no one is agreeing with the post.
Everyone knew Karen would dirty delete her post stating "vaccines aren't necessary", as soon as it was posted. Whenever everyone started calling her a potato for her unpopular opinion, Karen got butthurt and dirty deleted the post.
by grape_sloth_GrimesA April 14, 2015
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Term used primarily on Facebook to shame people who post something in a Group and then delete it when the post isn't received as well as the OP (Original Poster) had hoped. Sometimes the accused OP will be referred to as a "Dirty Deleter."

Mostly found in "Girls Ask"/"Rant and Rave"/"Mommy" groups, by very catty and petty women. It is however slowly worming its way into other corners of Facebook and the Internet at large.
When Greg posted in his favorite Facebook group about how he believes that the earth is flat, the entire group mocked and berated him until he deleted his post. Then some broad made her own post calling Greg a "Dirty Deleter" for the sole purpose of perpetuating the shitstorm.
by Brosef Ballin' May 16, 2018
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To delete your post from an unfamiliar online group (thus deleting all responses to your post) when you realize the responses are all bullying , ridiculing, or shaming you. In groups where the members frequently engage in insulting newcomers, newcomers frequently delete their posts, which group members dislike because they like for their fellow group members to be able to enjoy the bullying vicarously.
"We got sick of new members dirty deleting, so we added a new group rule that dirty deleting is not allowed."

"She broke the rule against asking stupid questions, so we gave her some stupid answers. It was really funny, but she didn't see the humor. She dirty deleted before we could have much fun.
by TheFinerDefiner June 10, 2018
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