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Dirty Dahl

A sexual act with East Indian Flare

Donning a traditional Indian saree, the woman lays down with legs spread open, atop a bed of silken pillows. Her partner then places “offerings” to her yoni. These offerings can include food such as fine chocolates, wine, or jewelry. He may also perform cunnilingus, whatever he deems necessary for the woman to accept his offerings.

Once the woman is satisfied with the offerings she has received, she then allows her partner to scoop Indian Dahl (easy on the spices!) into her yoni thus making it her “Dahl House”. The couple then has intercourse with the Dahl inside the woman’s yoni until the male ejaculates. The woman then forces out the mixture, garnishes with fresh cilantro and serves to the male.
Dirty Dahl is about the most satisfying dish you could prepare in the backcountry wilderness
by MtKabouters August 08, 2018
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