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1.)A descriptive word used to explain the mental incapacity or retardation or a person. Also used to make fun of someone who gets pwned or sucks at life.

2.)A faggot or asshole who purposely pretends to be pure pwnage.

3.) A adjective used to describe the stupidity or lack of common sense in an action, attitude, or response.

4.) The state where one cannot comprehend or understand why they suck at life.

5.) Someone who takes big locust cock every night, and likes it significantly.
Examples -

1.) "I don't understand why jimmy has to be such a dipcunt all the time."

2.) "Jimmy thinks he such a dipcunt, I could pwn him anyday."

3.) "Wow Jimmy, what a dipcunt move."

4.) "Ugh I feel like such a dipcunt right now, I think I'm gunna go kill myself."

5.) "I can't believe Jimmy was such a dipcunt at that party last night. All he did was ride the locust."
by Jayzizay February 06, 2008
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