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When a man and a women cuddle, so that it's like hugging while laying down.

The man:
1.) Lays down with his stomach facing up.
2.) Wraps both arms around the woman's waist.
3.) One arm is positioned so that it goes around the woman's back, and she can lay in it.

The woman:
1.) Lays on her side next to the man, so that she's almost turned over on her stomach.
2.) Her head rests on the man's chest.
3.) Her back rests in the man's arm that goes around her back.
Man: "Hey baby, wanna dinosaur cuddle?"
Woman: "Okay."
Man: *lays down on a bed*
Woman: *woman lays next to him, they begin dinosaur cuddling*
*they both fall asleep while watching a movie*
by amerninja13 August 09, 2011
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