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When you love a book, movie, TV show, etc. so much that you wish that those characters or the fantasy itself was real; if you wish that you could live in a fairytale or dimension alongside your favorite characters, you are experiencing a dimensional crisis. Most often experienced by teenage girls with unhealthy obsessions or people who find themselves enamored with the idea of a certain storybook realm or certain characters. Most often experienced right after finishing a beloved movie, book, or series of some sort. Side effects can be temporary sadness and/or frustration caused by the fact that you are aware that your wish will never come true.
"Have you ever wished that you could live in Harry Potter's dimension and see all the cool creatures? Or live in a Disney movie and marry the Prince?"
"Dude, I think you're having a dimensional crisis, you need to come back down to Earth, those things aren't real."
"I know, but I wish they were. It's kind of frustrating that I'll never see Diagon Alley, and I'm sad that I can't marry Prince Charming. This sucks."
by Justadreamr July 09, 2014
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