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Strong, Well Minded, Intelligent, Beautiful, unforgiving, tall, lean, brunette, hazel eyed,angelic looking.

below is a 3 chapter book about her. Fantasy.

not done yet but soon will be.
by cassandra f

Some may recongise it at first.
Death’s Wish
Cassandra Fountain

June 2034

It was the beginning of June when everything was starting to get better, people were becoming protected and were not afraid of going outside, with out being attacked by the lurking demons that lived among the humans. They started to act normal again, like in 1989. They would hang out with friends at clubs that started opening up again. Go shopping with family and have a normal life. But there was complication, a report on the news told the human population that this wouldn’t last long, it soon would end, not now, not next year or the next generation but it would happen again. That is when there were doubts; people thought that maybe they still were in what they were in. Let us call it a Death’s wish shall we.

Therefore, people started to attack the government and started a company called DEATH in 2035. Soon after DEATH was taken over by the demons, they told them that they would not do anything to them just as long as the humans did what the demons said. The humans could not do anything because there were more of the demons than humans, if they started a war they knew that they would lose and they would all die. They did not know why the demons wanted to take over but the humans could not back down, some did but they died. The demons never left them the choice of saying no. If a human did say, no they would kill them, feed on them or change them. Humans once again were terrified and livid. They thought that maybe they got to live once more and have a life again, before Death’s wish was going to take over them. However, after the demons took over no one knew. The humans that did know was changed, fed upon and or even killed because they were not good enough. DEATH soon became a demon company, the devils house.

Soon the demons got the humans to work at DEATH killing other demons (so the humans thought); so that other humans did not know that, a demon was ruining the company. Just mask to hide the demons.

In the year of 2087, a baby girl will be born and she will be the futures prophecy and saver. She will be through tragic things when she grows up but will soon have to make choice that will change her life forever. There will be challenges that she has never faced before, she will lose people she soon realize that she loves. She will fight for those who need it and she will choose either to fight for good or evil. But she has to find out what is good or evil first. Her name is Dimeatree Hope and she is the prophecy.

Chapter One
Nov 2107

Reflections can be a bitch especially when you look like shit. However, who wakes up beautiful except for vampires everyone knows vampires do not sleep. They also kill, have no feelings, thrust for blood, and not just human blood, but other vamps and were wolves and witches, but they prefer human blood, they say it’s “sweeter”. There are not very many humans who know about the supernatural world. However, there are some who do and if they do, they probably know a lot about the creepy crawly things that might live under your bed or in your closet, and that’s not the same to what is actually real and live in the darkest part of an alley. If you are like me an 18-year-old drop out, and the youngest DEATH demon fighter than you know everything there is to know about the underworld.

See I was not your typical teenager who went to the mall and hung out with friends, made out there your boyfriends for hours and on. I was different. I was a loner a person who worked alone, and still does now. I rather work alone and get things done they way I like them, and still does not let feelings get in the way of anything. I am not your typical young adult either. See I work for a company called DEATH and I am the youngest trained fighter their. Started there when I was 16, 17. Had my first mission 2 weeks after and finished it in 3 days, it was easy and not so much that of a challenge.

I bet your wondering what DEATH means right, well it stands for nothing. I guess when DEATH was being started the makers did not know what to call it so I guess that they thought about the only thing that happens there and that thing is death. Anyway I don’t care and neither should you. Another thing I do not care about is how I am going to get a really difficult psycho killer vampire who has been stalking me for a week because I killed his stupid mate who had the bronze but not the brains. I really don’t know why he liked her, he should have been happy from being out of her grip. Now he is pissed and he is planning to attack me when I am not expecting it, so I heard. What ever. The thing that pisses me off is that there are no bad ass demons that want to get into any trouble because of that stupid law. “Attacking any human, Protected or not and you will get the death sentence”. That was a real bummer because now I’ll be real bored for a while until someone… some demon starts something.

So I’m stuck looking at myself in a mirror that’s cracked in the middle. Making me notice things I never notice about myself, like short hair, the shoulder length makes me look good. Also that I should really take my make-up off before I go to bed because I look like a racoon and my clothes really need a good washing and stitching. But it does suit me, my look. It shows people what I am and that I am not afraid to show you who I am (confusing). What I am is a fighter. And a matching name to boot. Dimeatree Hope. My nick name is Dimea and my mother give me the nick name when I was 5 because no one could get it right, so she gave them an easier name to say, I just kept it because it reminds me of her.

Well I stare at myself in my cracked mirror still trying to convince myself that what I’m doing is helping my family, friends and myself. Even though they all died when I was sixteen. They were killed because I wasn’t fast enough to stop a bunch of newborn vampires from feasting on them. Most people at DEATH head quarters think the only reason I work there is for revenge on the vamps, but its not, it’s so that people don’t have to go through what I had to go through or anything near it. It’s been 4 years since that life changing nightmare. One day I’m with my family chocking back laughs. The next I’m at there funeral, damaged.

When I joined DEATH I joined to fulfill my father’s wishes. His wish was that the oldest was to take over his job when he dies or he quits, or even whenever. So I joined whenever. My father was a hell of a fighter. But he was a group fighter; he enjoyed being with other fighters and kicking ass that was what he told me when I was 12. My dad would always tell me what happened after he got home. He told me how he killed them, how some weren’t or were a challenge. But he wouldn’t tell my little sister and brother because they were too young to hear about gruesome things that daddy did. I suppose he thought that he didn’t want them knowing what he did for a living. Probably didn’t want them thinking he was the monster.

At the age 18 I dropped out of high school just before my grad. I know I should have stayed until I finished but it was taking up to much of my time. It’s not like I was going to become a teacher or a doctor. Anyway I’m not that patient when it comes to people wine.

It’s early and I can’t keep having regrets of what’s already done and gone. I need to move on and take a hot shower, I look like complete shit. My hair looks like a family of fucking birds nested in it and I think I might smell too. When I went to reach for the knob to turn on the water I heard a heavy knock on the door. “Who the hell would be here right now” I said pissed that I don’t even get to take a shower without having someone call me or visit me. Before I left the bathroom I looked down at myself and thought maybe I should put some clothes on because the black tank might work but the black underwear might not be very appropriate.

I went into the dark living room that only held a ripped brown love seat, a floor lamp that needed a cover and a light bulb, a rusty old black radio, and a dining table that held all my weapons. I started to my bed room when I saw that the person already let himself in and settled in my crappy love seat. I moved so quickly to the table of weapons and grabbed my hand gun, and pressed it to the back of his sandy blonde curly hair, which looked like it needed a wash, that the wind caught my hair and started to spin it around my head. I felt him flinch and tense as he slowly realized that he had a gun to his head.

“Get up, slowly, and don’t do anything you‘ll regret later.” I commanded

The muscle at his back under his black sweater, showed that he was listening to what I told him, but he slowly turned around, so that he had his face meet the gun. He made eye contact for a second, and then he let his eyes drop and come up nervously and stopped and the muscle in his jaw tensed as he came across my “battle” scar, on my left thigh. I unexpectedly felt ill at ease. Oh and of curse I don’t have a coat or anything to hide it. So instead I jammed my gun hard in the center of his chest to get him to stop looking at my scar. It worked. He winced, looked up, and grabbed the center of where I hit him. He either understands why I did it that or just couldn’t look at me anymore because he immediately looked away.

He slowly lowered his hands from his chest and looked back at me and sighed. Bowed his head and brought it back up and I finally saw the color of his eyes. They’re green with a little bit of gray at the edges. A curve to his mouth started and he hastily tried to grab the gun out my hand, with what looked like a karate chop to the forearm. But I moved faster them him and lifted my right leg in the air and brought it straight to the side of his face. He went down to the ground with so much force he could have dented my floor. I slowly went around the couch, and knelt down beside him, grabbed a handful of sandy blonde hair, bending his neck to face mine. I directed the gun to his face. Maybe I shouldn’t kill him, maybe he can be useful. Oh for Pete sake no, he would get the floor dirty, and I really don’t want him here. The stranger lifted his right hand weakly and put it in front of his face, leaving his stunned eyes in the view.

No please, I’m really sorry”. He said with a slight quake in his voice.

I moved my gun lower to the center of his chest, making him wince a little. Wow he doesn’t look that wimpy, what with the medium build, what a chicken shit. Ha, he looks like he’s going to shit him self. A small smile started to form on my face and then quickly disappeared.

“Who are you, and why are you here?” I asked.

“My name is Nick and…” His eyes suddenly turned hard. “I’m here because; the boss wants to see you.”

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by DEATH'S Wish March 26, 2009
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