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is a sweet person. Most dillons have birthdays in july. Dillon is true to his girl, and will always be true to her. Dillon is bipolor sometimes lmao. dillon can always ruin things but can always make them better. Dillon is willing to change to satify his Girlfriend. Most Dillons has to find there selfs on a hospital bed to be noticed by his "girl"" When dillon says "he loves you" that comes stright from the heart! and no where else. I LOVE YOU TC.
"Yerp:)" lmfaooooooooooooooo

"I less then three you dillon a/g.....Like Chapter 1 lesson 3?" lmfaoo FUCK YOU TC I THOUGHT YOU SAID THAT

"I love you" Stfu dont even say it back. I dont wanna hear it, i just wanna let you knwo that i do!.
by DALOONY <3 SUNUDAH January 12, 2009
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