When a guy is so desperate to get a girl's attention on Valentine's day, that he's willing to go as far as abusing the Facebook messenger's new feature, by sending her a Dick Pic via a gift-wrapped message.
Desperate Guy : *Sends Dift Pic*
Girl 1 : OMG it's this annoying guy again !
Girl 2 : What message did he send you this time ?
Girl 1 : I dunno let me check ... Oh WOW he sent me some sort of gift !?
Girl 2 : OMG you're so lucky to get spoiled on Valentine's Day ! Open it girl !!!
Girl 1 : *Unwraps Dift Pic*
Girls 1 and 2 : Ooohhh Hell Naaahhh !!
by Will the chosen one February 14, 2016
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