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aka Dick van Dyke Dupe

Waiting for an answer or an explanation where there is none.

Also as a kind of "Rick Roll".

You are watching the "Today I found out"-channel and in the video today we look at that Time Dick Van Dyke was Saved by Porpoises While Lost at Sea. ..... We don't know exactly what happened because Craig Ferguson (Late late show) did not ask any follow up questions.
Why do we sleep? Scientifically speaking.
------ I don't know. Why?
- Nobody knows.
- I feel I've just been Dick van Duped

Guy wakes up after being hit by a car.
Bystander 1: "Are you OK? Do you know where you are?"
Bystander 2 :"Are you trying to Dick van Dupe him?"
by Puppy Zwolle May 26, 2017
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