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The university where Dick Swagger is taught. Classes such as Bulge 101, Leather Pants 205, Hard ons 307, Freeballin 302, and Dick Swagger 101 are taught by highly trained professors who are experts in their subjects. Dick Swagger University is the finest form of higher education for Dick Swagger. More fondly known to it’s students as DickU.
That guy must have went to Dick Swagger University, his leather pants are so tight it’s like he’s having sex with himself!

Dick Swagger University. Where we put the Dick in U. University that is.

Dude. You need to go to Dick Swagger University. Your freeballin is wank.

What classes you got at Dick Swagger University man? I got Freeballin 302 and Leather Pants 205.
by Ari Wolfe April 16, 2011
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