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Dick Craving Disorder (often referred to as D.C.D.) is when a female of any age is on a 'dick rampage' and is sleeping or doing anything sexual with tons of guys non-stop.
Usually caused by losing virginity, having sex with a person good in bed or by getting D.C.D. from the male, the male can have D.C.D. but will not be effected by the disorder, he will simply carry the disorder and give it to whom ever he sleeps with.
Kevin: 'Yo Jim i finally took Tina's virginity'
Jim: "Damn Kevin you're the man"
Kevin: 'Yeah, but ever since then she dumped me and slept with 5 other guys and this happen 2 days ago'
Jim: "Damn bruh she got the Dick Craving Disorder"
by _The_Realist_ February 20, 2011
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