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An act of transformation from a human state of being into a sloppy, brown mass of turd, indigestible sweetcorn, and liquid after jumping from great heights, such as a trampoline or, for dwarfs, a table or bench. Such an act is seen as "totally sick" or "simply radical" in small concentrations of young or elderly men. This act is most enjoyed when the person transforming (or "morpharrhea" as it is medically known) jumps through the small holes in trampolines or street gutters, and reforms on the other side, with only a small quantity of poo left on the surface they fell through.

This can, however, lead to some fatal injuries, such as loss of brain cells or limbs, if the quantity of leftover plop is high enough. Nonetheless, it is an extremely fun and enjoyable pastime for all ages.
I saw Jed do i diarrhea jump in trampolining class yesterday. The way he reformed on the other side with only a tiny handful of poo nuggets left over was amazing.

Jessica enjoys to commit serious morpharrhea on Saturdays, I fear that she may loose a finger in the act.
by CurryPhantom November 04, 2011
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