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One of the Four Beauties of China who was said to be born around 161 or 169 AD. However, unlike the other Three Beauties, she did not appear in any historical writings and may be a fictional character. She is best known as being the adopted daughter of Wang Yun in the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms and is responsible of the death of Dong Zhuo.

According to the the novel, she plays a role of a maidservant of Dong Zhuo. She assists the official and adoptive father, Wang Yun in a plot to persuade the warrior Lu Bu to slay Dong Zhuo. By that time, China was under a lot of turmoil and Dong Zhuo was becoming a big threat to all kingdoms. Diao Chan seduces both Lu Bu and Dong Zhuo, of which cause the two to quarrel. Eventually, the two men's quarreling became fatal and resulted in the slaying of Dong Zhuo.

She does not appear in the novel after this point. However, there are folktales of her being captured by Cao Cao after Xiapi, in an attempt to keep Guan Yu in his service he sent the woman to the General.
Diao Chan may have been a fictional character, considering that there were no historical writings of her.
by AznVietBoi14 November 30, 2008
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