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A small slit eyed asian woman that is imported to your home country for general chores cooking, cleaning, looking after kids, and any type of fucking that there original wife wouldnt do, e.g. Anal, spunk swallowing, leting them piss on them, chest shitting etc. !

Usally Bought by a fat ugly rich pig man, who then trade them in after a couple of years for a younger Ting Tong !

N.B. Extreme caution must be taken when importing a ting tong (Asian Bride) Because they may be after a passport, VISA, Your Money or all of the previous. There is also a high chance the are equipped with a penis and then you will get fucked !
Chris " Hey Gary I like you Dial A Bride, Was she cheap ? "

Gary " Yes she was half price and buy one get one free"

Chris " Great Im gonna get me one of those ! "

Gary " Be careful mate my free one has a cock, and fuck me in my sleep one night, though I liked it.
by Berthampton the 2nd November 25, 2007
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