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Dhanraaj. Breaking the word down in two parts. Dhan, meaning Money and Raaj, meaning rule.

This is a cosmically rare name used for Elite people. Normies get confused between Dhanraj and Dhanraaj. Dhanrajs are gay, whereas the limited number ( approx. 2) of Dhanraajs are meant to rule the world. These people are the funniest people you'll ever see in all the Multiverse. They don't have any pride of being so great and are extremely Kind. There is literally nothing in existence that can stop them from being so damn cool. Not even Thanos with all the Infinity stones. If you ever come across a Dhanraaj, do not, I repeat do not challenge him in anything if you don't want your ass whooped. Instead you kneel down and do not look up. Dhanraajs are so good they will make you stand up and befriend you and your life will become 42069x cooler.
-I am Inevitable.
-And I, am Dhanraaj
*Scared Thanos noises intensifies*
by Stalin Hitler July 28, 2019
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