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Devin Avery is a beautiful, amazing girl who has a lot of friends. She is popular everywhere and has a lot of best friends. She can be dumb sometimes but in a funny way. She is very shy, but once you get to know her, she is not afraid to say anything too you. Devin Avery is a beautiful name that has a beautiful meaning. The Irish patronymic to Devin is “daman” which means fawn. It is based on a Old French devin which means “divine”. Avery is a given name taken from an Old French with the name of Alfred. The meaning of it is derived from the Old English. Devin Avery is so popular everyone wants to hang out with het. Maybe you should hang out withDevin Avery!
Devin Avery is so awesome!
by ryannovaaaa May 31, 2018
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