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Depite the somewhat lame title given to this program, its one of the coolest teams u can get onto.
Not all schools offer it... but it IS world wide. And is the only competion i know of that teaches children how to build 3 ft tall building w/ kitchenware and feel confident - when wearing pink bunny tutus with little ballet shoes while skipping about and singing offkey with a geman accent... YES ITS ABOUT CREATIVITY.

Once u r a member of the 7person team,
basically what u do is stay after school a LOT (sometimes everyday until 6 when getting close to regionals):

practice instant challenges (tasks u and ur team members have to complete, usually with a 1-5 min. planning period and 1-5 min performing period. tasks often involve creating commercials, not talking, building structeres out of straws, mailinglabels, toothpicks and what not and the like)

work on ur central challenge (there are 4 u can pick from, all containing building and performing aspects. u and ur team have to solve the challenge w/in an 8 minute skit. there are usually a LOT of requirements. butits fun. plus, costumes and set pieces are made for this.

THEN, u and ur team go to the regional competition and show ur stuff to a panel of judges. And so does every other team in the area. And every1 is uber nice 2 eachother so u don't get points deducted for unsportsmanshipness.
THEN, the 2 winners fore each challenge, grade level go to STATEs.
THEN u rehearse for another month and perform at statelevel.
THEN 2 teams for each challenge, grade level get to go to globals, in nashville tennessee (u get out of school 4 it!)
everyone else goes home sobbing.

And throughout the whole process, several things occur:
1. u learn more about the 6 other people on ur team than is healthy.
2.u eat. a lot. and pretty much only stuff with high levels of sugar and caffine.
3. u laugh in 2 hours more than the average adult does in a day.
4.u feel very loved... b/c u r!

Warning, though. As a general rule, guys (and gals) who do DI are usually considered kinda ... weird, outthere by their more ... ignorant peers. like we care.
Preppy Idiot (not that all preps are bad): Why are u staying after school again?
Person who does DI: eh... Destionation Imagination.
P.I.:which is what?
P.W.D.D.: a creative problem solving thing...
P.I.: ?

Guy 1: hey, y r u tap danicng in that stupid outfit? r u gay?
Guy 2: ... no, its for Destionation Imagionation
Guy 1:ur gay
Guy 2's Friends: (w/ threating looking power tools)NO HE ISN'T SO LEAVE HIM ALONE YOU IGNORANT COW. GO EAT A FRIED VEGETABLE
by Princess_of_Nothing November 30, 2006
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