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A girl who doesn't find herself as beautiful as everyone puts her out to be.

She often feels like a third wheel, or not as good as the other girls she knows.

She is a shy yet very open person just depends on how close you are to her.

She goes threw a lot of shit in her day and has a lot of trust issues.

She constantly falls for guys and give them her heart just to get it shattered.

She is a great friend and extremely nice but if you piss her off I wouldn't want to be you.

She has many different personalities but they are all great.

She is absolutely amazing and without a doubt great.

She is very humorous but sometimes her jokes can be cheesy.

But for the most part DestinyRose is perfect and your one lucky person to have her in your life.
Hey, who is that girl?
That's DestinyRose, isn't she flawless!?
Yea she is. I wish she was mine!
by Roe_01 September 19, 2015
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