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1. A person appointed to be the shameless promoter of all things party-related; in charge of starting the dance party, maintaining the party atmosphere, being the first to remove an article of clothing and the first to announce that the party is, in fact, going down.

2. A member of a team who resides on the bench for most of the season, can be seen constantly waving a towel, leading "Defense!" cheers from the pine, and only breaking a sweat due to the intensity of their encouragement of the superstars. Usually a white guy; never sits down and never stops yelling; has no fear of harassing the referees or smack-talking the other players because he knows that he'll never go in the game.
Every party is just party until you get a designated crunkmaster; then it becomes a rager.

"John is the DJ, the keg-tapper, the bouncer and the cheerleader at this party!"

"That's because he's the designated crunkmaster!"

Look at #23 on the bench, wavin' his towel like he's the designated crunkmaster. White boy's never goin' in the game.

This party is dying...we need a designated crunkmaster.
by too school for cool January 16, 2012
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