Pioneers of Bangla Gangster Rap in Bangladesh.Deshi MCs is a hiphop crew formed by XpLosive,Skibkhan,MC Shaq & later they recuited Mugz,in mid 2005 they released the first Bangla gangster rap CD in Bangladesh under DeadLine Recording label,the albums name was 'Banned',later in 2008,they took part in an mixed hiphop album named "Kata Taarer Bera" produced by DJ Raf and Jasper Al-Rashid.Later in 2009,they came up with 'Banned version 2' under Core Entertainment Recording label which was a major hit in Bangladesh.Deshi MCs consist of Skibkhan,MC Mugz & MC Shaq,but due to some personal problems,MC Shaq is out of the crew and now he is following his corporate life,away from rap.Now Deshi MCs is rolling high in the streets of dhaka and shaking all the local gigs with the fellow Underground & mainstream crews of Bangladesh.
"Deshi MCs is gonna perform at RCC this saturday,be there!"
"Deshi MCs is the best banglish gangster rap crew in South East Asia"
by H2thaA December 22, 2009
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