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n. One who exhibits all or many signs of Dentonitis, a common condition mainly affecting born citizens of Denton, Texas and a high number of move-in residents.

Major symptoms include poor hygiene, low neural activity, strong aversion toward conversation of any kind, and/or total absence of emotion, as well as a very exclusive interest in five or more of the following things: Indoors, video games, fast food, cigarettes, concrete, indoors, television, facebook, indoors, beer, pot, youtube, indoors.

These interests are universal for Dentonites and they typically show difficulty in focusing on anything beyond them. Dentonites usually possess a high intolerance toward nature or originality- mention of these subjects in the vicinity of Dentonities is not recommended.

Being a non-Dentonite attempting to befriend Dentonites, or watching a previously healthy friend become a Dentonite is a particularly distressing but common occurrence as Dentonites easily sense when one is not also a Dentonite, and avoid this person at all costs.

Dentonites are commonly misdiagnosed with depression or being undead- because of this, more than one diagnosis is recommended.
Hey remember that joke I told the other night that had everyone in stitches? Well I’m at a restaurant and I tell it to the waitress and she’s totally unresponsive; I was really confused until someone reminded me I was in Denton!

Man this sucks! When I first got to the University of North Texas I had tons of friends but then they all figured out I had more interests than getting drunk and watching youtube all day while dressing up in vintage plaid shirts, damn Dentonites!
by ThomaseE. September 13, 2009
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