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Denrod is the rare specimen from SUNY Maritime that lives in his Dencave all day and night. The Denrod is mostly characterized by his HUGE head, uncanny ability to never be able to hide his boner, and dedication to never being able to get laid, let alone try to talk to other females of the Denrod species. We have not been able to identify the female Denrod because none have ever been known to exist as of yet When someone dares to venture to Dencave, one is overwhelmed with the moist, heavy, horribly disgusting stench that radiates off his huge head. The Denrod rarely ventures out of his cave, but when he does its in search of Denfood. The Denrod will never go out to eat food at the cafeteria, he only eats fried food at the TIV. He has accumulated a very nice kangaroo pouch. He enjoys very bushy areas including black forests of death. Once, very long ago the Denrod lost his shoulders in an epic battle in search for moles to kebab on his Dendick. The Denrod is very sensitive about his shoulders and he would much appreciate a new pair for his birthday. Denrod can sometimes be found fondling little boys down by the park, thats when he leaves to find some Denfood. Some nicknames for the Denrod are: Darodman, Chrome Dome, Denroderic, The Rod Man, Big Headed Badass, and BHB
Shh, here comes the Denrod. He might kebab you on his Dendick.
by UberDooberDan February 22, 2010
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