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A name or in joke tossed in to the hilariously vile 'Fanta Claus is Comin' Internet animation done in stop motion by 'Most Offensive Videos' in 2009. They're the guys that do the Peanuts spoofs too.

The postman, Special Delivery Spooger quotes:

"Ohhh, Robot Chicken and Denis Lilly and Comedy Central too, have used my ideals for television shows all produced by Jews! But why the fuck should I even care. Imitation's a form of flattery! Well I'll die broke but made the world laugh (well most of it) but well it is all for meeee!"

Denis Lilly does not match anything or anyone as related to the song. It is therefore assumed he is an in joke and the voice actor is Denis Lilly himself. Unless heard otherwise.

He doesn't mean Denis Leary because that doesn't match.

His song indicates that he is referring to 'televisions shows produced by Jews' only and there is no show called Denis Lilly.

Wanna clear that up anyone?
Denis Lilly or Special Delivery Spooger. character. pronoun. unknown name or in joke. Popular internet web spoof by

PJ: Hey, Jimmy, I was just watchin' that funny Fanta Claus again and wanted to look up Denis Lilly. Where is that boy?
Jimmy: You dumb cheeseball, it's just an in joke they chucked in there.

PJ: Yeah, but they also reference Fuck face as Billy Ripkin and I get that reference. Like the bat with fuck face.

Jimmy: Uh, go smoke another. Forgeddaboutit.
by spoogerama June 18, 2011
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