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The LE drill team, who mainly specialize in fancy exhibition drill
The team is inspired to be the best in the memory of Doug Harris who died in a car crash Nov 11 2006 he was rifle number 6
The drill team is characterized by the navy blue berets and the distinctive red and blue flash with the white LE symbol and the number 6 in the upper corner in memory of their fallen friend
The team is bonded together like a family and they are one of the best teams in the State

They like to have as much fun as they can, when they are not training hard every day they make funny videos

Their motto is "Go get some Drill team, go get some"
"dude did you see the Demon Drill Teams Matrix"
by L-town hero October 12, 2007
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The best JROTC Drill team in the State
who mainly specializes in Fancy Drill

who are Inspired to do there best in the memory of there fallen friend Doug Harris Rifle #6
And in his memory There Guide on and there beret flashes have the number 6 on them

The Drilling Demons consists mainly of Josh pace(taco), Jonathan watts(Maniac), Ronald stokes(Dutch), Ian Frye, Max Brock, Justin Desrochers, Andrew Huber Josh Gripper(lil Bill), Ariana Harrison, Ashley Hutchinson, Jason Brazell, Josh Kenney, Xavier Owens, Doug Meadows, Ryan Windhorn(XP), Richard Parker(Waffles)
"Whoa! Did you see that move the Demon Drill Team pulled off?! Its their signiture move 'The Matrix' dude they are Beast"
by heroguy09 July 27, 2007
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