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A demon cross is a maneuver executed by a group of 3 or more people in which you beat a suspected demon(or a pathetic excuse for one) down to the ground and then put them in a cross shape, and then proceed to punch, kick, and in general just beat someone up in an attempt to remove the demon. When it is time to initiate a demon cross, you place your two pointer fingers on your head trying to imitate Satan and then you proceed to cross the same two fingers, then proceed to make eye contact with the suspect. Extra props to the person in the group who yells DEMON CROSSSSSSSS!!! Even more props to the one who can slur out the "s" in a whistling noise much like the beaver from that show with the bear who likes honey.
I suspect my friend to be possessed by a demon, tonight we shall perform a demon cross to remove this vile creature.
by Cameron Corrie May 23, 2008
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