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The Democrat Attack Machine is a 1984-esque Goldstein Conspiracy assumed to exist by ideological Republicans who believe everyone who isn't an ideological Republican is either stupid or evil.

The existence of a conspiracy fills the human need to have something to struggle against. It doesn't matter if the Machine exists or doesn't exist, since it offers a banner to rally around for Republicans to divide "us" (the faithful) from "them" (the enemy who must be destroyed)
The "Democrat Attack Machine" is (apparently) made up of every American who is not as rabidly pro-Republican as some Republicans would like.
by J News June 08, 2009
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The Democrat Attack Machine (DAM) consists of the following groups (including but not limited to):
- Main Stream Media (MSM) outlets such as ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, PBS
- Newspapers such as The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post
- Magazine like Time, Newsweek and the New Yorker
- Websites like, and
- Institutes of Learning including most colleges and universities and most public schools
- Hollywood elites, including actors and acrtresses like Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon, Directors like Michael Moore, and Producers like David Geffen

This short list represents just a few members of the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy which, on a daily basis, actively seeks to destroy its political enemies with rhetoric, spin, half-truths, lies and distorted information. One common tactic used by the DAM is to accuse their opponents of doing the exact same thing they are doing, causing an uproar that distracts the public from their true methods.

One of the primary objectives of the DAM is to constantly portray the progressive, socialist and communist agendas in the most favorable light while demeaning and criticizing the tenets of Capitalism and free markets as unfair, racist, sexist, bigoted and homophobic.

Since there is vey little distinction between the Democrat party and the MSM, the MSM is often referred to as the "Media Wing" of the Democrat party.

In addition to promoting socialist and communist agendas, the DAM spins news in an attempt to get liberal candidates elected to positions in the Federal government.

The DAM is comprised mainly of individuals and groups who themselves subscribe to politically left ideaologies.
1) US Election 2000: Media portrays Al Gore as a victim of an unfair system, all the while his campaigns lawyers sue to have the rules of counting ballots changed in Florida, even though with each rule change he still lost. Democrat Attack Machine tries to destroy George W. Bush and continues to say he was "Selected" not Elected.

2) Despite ChinaGate, FileGate, TravelGate, White Water, Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Vince Foster and a host of other scandals, the Bill Clinton Administration was (and is) spun as one of the best periods in American history by the Democrat Attack Machine. Bill Clinton labeled as first black president

3) Depsite major progress in Iraq, especially post-Surge, the Democrat Attack Machine consistently focuses only on troop and civilian deaths while ignoring benchmarks such as schools being built, water and sewer services being returned and al-Qaida being decimated in their futile attempt to spread Islamic extremism.

4) Democrats run on a platform to end "corruption" and "out-of-control spending" during 2004 mid-term election cycle. The Democrat Attack Machine dutifully broadcasts Democrat talking points resulting in Democrats obtaining majority in both House and Senate. Democrat Congress presides over the largest increase in pork-barrel spending and has the lowest approval rating in history

5) Democrat Attack Machine spins US Troop presence in Iraq as being unnecessary while encouraging a troop presence in Darfur to stop the genocide there.

6) Democrat Attack Machine spins abuses of women by Bill Clinton as being his personal business while ignoring abuses of women in the greater Islamic world, especially under Sharia law.

7) Democrat Attack Machine spins Global Climate Change as the greatest threat to humankind and tries to eliminate any further debate to the contrary, despite a plethora of peer-reviewed studies that indicate, at the very least, that the debate is not over and that anthropogenic causes of Global Climate change should be investigated further.
by Politically Addicted February 14, 2008
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