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Deltron 3030 is a concept album made up of producer Dan the Automator,dj Kid Koala and last but certainly not least emcee Del Tha Funkee Homosapien.

The story revolves around Deltron Zero (Del's futuristic Alter Ego) in the year, you guessed it! 3030. Along with his two sidekicks, the cantakerous Captain Aptos (Dan the automator) and Skiznod the boy wonder (of course Kid Koala) he goes along battle rapping his ennemies. The album also includes the appearance of Damon Albarn to get the plto rolling. Some of you may notice the link to the Automators and Del's other project Gorillaz.

All your rhyme histories combined
Couldn't violate the prime optimus operative
Use my hydrometer to see how warm you are
Watch me form a star
Hydrogen turned to helium when I shine
Riding 'em revealing 'em leading 'em to the vaccume
Interact with tunes in my digital sinital critical pivital with
the mental
by mrpopenfresh April 18, 2005
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