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N. 1) An action that is generally thought to have no comedic or real value by 95% of witnessing parties and is thought to be funny or cool by the person engaging in the ridiculous activity. The action is usually meant to draw attention to the perpetrator and possibly elicit a humorous response from an audience. The action usually results in the destruction of property and loss of dignity of the perpetrator.
2) An action that is taken by one Jesse Kiefer AKA Delta K that his friends (especially one Chris Lynett) believe to be incredibly stupid, annoying or both.
Adj. 1) Used to describe a situation that is comparable to the description listed in defs. 1 & 2 in the noun section.
1) Guy 1: Did you see what happened at Bills house?
Guy 2: No, what happened?
Guy 1: Bill's roommate, Tim, decided it would be funny to walk around in his boxers with Aviator sunglasses on. It was just sort of gay, but then he decided to set of the fire extinguisher and cover his house in this white chemical shit. Everyone had to leave cause the air turned to shit and Bill was totally pissed at Tim.
Guy 2: Oh, well that was a fucking Delt Move if I ever heard of one.

2) On Senior Week, Delta K thought it would be cool to pound the remaining 1/4 of a bottle of vodka left in the room after having many drinks before hand. On the bus to the parties, he managed to throw-up all over his friends, who were seated to his side, away from the vacant and totally open space in front of him that would have saved his friends from the horrors of his vomit. He then proceeded to empty the contents of his intestines on a McDonalds parking lot while his friends waited for a bus to take him back to the hotel. After arriving back at the hotel, he demanded to take a shower to "sober-up," which of course failed miserably as he fell in the shower several times. He also managed to peak his head out at least two (2) times and puke in the toilet while he was "sobering-up." After his shower, he was forced to go to bed and the rest of the group decided to ban him from drinking. Sadly that failed.
by Anti-Delta K July 21, 2006
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