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A British Roadie destined to help Wayne Campbell set up a concert in Aurora, Illinois, in the film Wayne's World 2, after some incident involving a dream with Jim Morrison and a naked indian
"There I was, in Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylan, at 4 in the morning, and I had to find 1,000 M'N'Ms for a glass of brandy or Ozzy wouldn't go on stage that night. So there I was, with Keith Moon and David Cosby, and we found this sweet shop, but it was closed.We tried getting in, and instead of having a guard dog, they had a bloody Bengal Tiger. We managed to kill it with a can of mace, but the Shopkeeper and his son, that's a different story altogether. I had to beat them to death with their own shoes. But, we got the M'N'Ms and Ozzy played a great show."

-"Are you Dell Preston ?"
-"I might be."
by partytimeexcellent April 07, 2010
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