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The act of, either participating in or being the subject of, repeated kicks to the nuts from behind while bent over, nude from the knees to the waist, and twisting your nipples til purple. (Not a purple nurple).

It is repeated until the person in the "frog" position is kicked til bleeding, falls down on their face more than 3 times, or climaxes. It is often filmed. Generally the rules go, One Frog, One stomper (although as many as desired can stomp), and a camera man.

Its usually done near canal banks or in yards that end not at the sidewalk but at the street.
Damn bro...stay away from Jennifer Ct....those fags spent their whole summer frog stomp 'in one another and playing XBox. The Delhi Frog Stomp has ruined better lives than your own...
by whyte trash party July 27, 2011
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