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High School in central NJ. Main activities include wrasslin', football, drawing swastikas in the bathroom stalls, Xbox 360, smoking weed, being mediocre, attending lame pep rallies, girl's field hockey, chanting "USA! USA!" at the visiting team from Plainfield for being largely Latino during a home soccer game, smoking weed, being deluded into thinking Lil' Wayne is a good rapper, telling cool stories to bros, acting like a jackass in class, smoking weed, eating synthetic lunch food, high school sex, being homophobic, ripping the stupid freshmen, wearing clothes that make you look like what some would call a douchebag, wearing school merchandise like it's cool or something, smoking weed, repeating what's been on Sportscenter for the last week and half with your friends, standing in the hallways, spreading rumors, half-assing it, and smoking weed.

Did I mention smoking weed?
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Will this make the girls there like me any better?
by Cartman's Undescended Testicle January 09, 2012
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