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A public, semi-public, or private coming of age celebration ceremony, during or shortly after a Batmitzvah for the jewish, or 8th Grade graduation for various christians, taking place within the event on a stage or raised platform, which requires the act of a father or an adult male for hire having consensual sexual intercourse with the guest of honor, a minor adolescent girl, with the end result of the hymen being broken and the male having an orgasm outside of the girls body. The reason for this is to prepare the girl for adulthood while at the same time preventing the minor adolescent girl from being in an uncomfortable situation with another man during her years as a teenager or an adult.

After a Deflowering Event, a certificate is issued, usually by a member of the clergy. The reason for this, in most cases, is to avoid prosecution for allowing this event. The event itself is considered illegal but the certificate can make it legal for the reason of it being a religeous family tradition.

For the event, the girl is required to wear traditional formal attire, consisting of a dress of prom-like or a dress shirt and formal skirt. Pantyhose, if worn, is taken off prior to the deflowering, during this event. The girl is required to be barefoot.

After the event, if a male was hired, it is customary for the male to leave the premises. It is considered taboo and highly disrectful in the utmost highest regard towards the family to have the male remain at the ceremony after the Deflowering Event has taken place. The male will be asked to leave. If the male remains without an invitation from a head member of the family, which is rare, it may cause the family and their guests at the ceremony to create an uncomfortable situation in which most usually is escalated. If the male still remains at the ceremony after the situation is escalated, the family will be obligated by tradition to take matters into their own hands to physically remove the male. Leading up to a civil unrest or even in rare cases, a riot, where the local authorities may have to be contacted to restore order.
"I was at my friend's 12 year old sister's BatMitzvah last week and I seen her have sex with her father on stage in front of the entire family. When I asked someone about it, they told me it was a traditional Deflowering Event. His family is weird and he's not my friend anymore."
by The Jax January 15, 2007
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