The corniest bit of horseshit ever recorded. Although intended to conjure up emotions such as pride, self-worth and a sense that you can change the world and all you've got to do is write some 3rd grade level smoking pile of crap about hookers, crackheads and welfare checks. In any person who truly "keeps it real", all it does in create a superiority complex over the asshole thats on stage rhyming, closing his eyes and jiving his or her hands just like the asshole who just left the stage (aka, sociopathic behavior. Or used car salesman tactics if you like. How could this guy not be sincere, don't you see the raw emotion in his wincing brow and clinched fist?). Also gives you an inkling to change the channel out of sheer embarrassment.
Typical ass: Did you watch the Def Poetry Jam last night?

Guy who's afraid to seem unhip to a typical yuppy: Yeah, it was great!
by Todd Hilliard February 06, 2009
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