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Describes when someone is able to make a pretty loud clapping sound with their balls as they sway their hips in a rapid back and forth motion.

This method is commonly practiced in all parts of the world among males in locker rooms. Usually the lights are off, but sometimes, depending on sexual preference, they are left on. The person with the most decent clap is then determined.
1. Jermaine: For a white boy, Randy has a pretty decent clap; but I don't think it's fair for me to compare mine to his because I'm black.

2. Rodney: After gym class today, we had a competition in the change room to see which guy had the most decent clap. Deshawn's clap was so ballin that Coach Jenkins thought a fight broke out. Man, that nigga can clap!

3. Keith: In the change room the other day, I actually thought Jamar was gonna Kite Runner Steve, but it turned out he was just giving him the opportunity to appreciate the decency of his clap.
by xA-MANx December 27, 2009
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