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The December Challenge, also known as "Must Fap December" precedes the November Challenge as a "reward" as some call it..
This is one of most prestigious challenges one can do.
December 1st: Fap 1 time in a day
December 2nd: Fap 2 times in a day
December 3rd: fap 3 times in a day
continue the pattern...
December 23rd: fap 23 times in a day
December 24th: fap 24 times in a day
December 25th: fap 25 times in a day(one must ejaculate once every 57.5 minutes for 24 hours to do the 25th day)

Completing this challenge gives you the ability to prove your manliness. To date, no one has completed this challenge.
Random Dude 1: "Hey man, you doing the December Challenge?"
Random Dude 2: "Nah, i tried it alst you, i couldn't prove my manliness :("


Random Dude 1: "Hey dude, I'm gonna try out the December Challenge"
Random Dude 2: "Be careful man, it starts to hurt like a mofo after a while"
by scevn November 25, 2011
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