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A french avant-garde black metal band which has released some of the more interesting releases in their respective genre in recent years. With their magnificent 2010 album, Paracletus, the band has skillfully woven the raw, dark, and evil energies of black metal with technical guitar-work. Constant fluctuations in pacing as well as unorthodox song structures make the bands' most recent releases sound much like controlled chaos. Their sound has only become more genius with the release of their 2012 EP, titled Drought. The band doesn't play live shows, only allows a handful of interviews, and doesn't release information about band members or future works. They are ghosts in black metal. Spectres who choose to speak more through their music than through their own words.
Person 1: Hey man, know any good black metal bands I can check out?
Person 2: Yeah, there's this one awesome one called Deathspell Omega.

Person 1: Cool name, but do they rely on corpsepaint as a gimmick like hundreds of other bands in their genre?
Person 2: Nope, they don't even bother playing live shows. They devote their time to creating awesome music instead of headlining in tours.

Person 1: That's awesome, I'm gonna give these guys a listen!
by DimmuKnight August 08, 2012
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