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A girl who you first spot from behind. She has beautiful hair down her back, nice tight jeans and a fantastic ass, along with a sexy walk. You get hard just watching her walk down the street. You change direction just so you can follow her. You are thinking of the wonderful things you are going to do to her in bed.

Then you catch up to her or she turns around, only to reveal that she is a man, or incredibly ugly woman. The blood that had engorged your penis is now forced back into your system by your penis retracting into you body at light speed. This wave of high pressure blood, driven backwards through your system blows a hole in your heart and you drop dead on the spot.

It's not so much that she is ugly, it's that she is so incredibly sexy and arousing from behind, then the shock. Imagine a wiener on the grill fully cooked and hot, then dropped into a vat of dry ice.
Did you hear what happened to John? Yeah Death by Ugly. By grandma Marie, I tried to warn him, but he wouldn't listen.

I'll miss that horny bastard, the funny thing is, he's fucked uglier girls, it was just the shock.
by john_tartar January 25, 2010
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