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Death Frisbee is an ancient gladiatorial event wherein the combatants use heavy discuses lined with sharp metal to incapacitate the other competitors. The game has been has been updated into throwing a plastic frisbee. The frisbee is thrown until a "death shot" is dealt. A "death shot" can be whatever you set your guidlines for the match to be, such as: head/neck shots, torso shots, etc. Players should be careful because if the edge of the frisbee cracks, although it makes the game more interesting, it can cut you. Also, details can be added such as: you can't catch the frisbee by the edge and a clap catch must be used. Clap catch would be catching it by clapping your hands on the faces.
John: "I'm i the mood for a fun, yet dangerous game..."
Steve: "Hey I know! How 'bout a round of death frisbee!"
by acesax13 May 13, 2008
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