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a massive party crue in southern California, some parts of Nevada, and Missouri, that get drunk, fight, get laid, throw amazing parties & kick backs, drink more, and just kick it. the crue is male only, but we have a sister crue called DA - Deaths Angels for all the females out here, and they are just as down as us DC boys. weve been around for a long time and we arent goin anywhere. where here to party and drink our asses off til the day we die.
please keep in mind that we are not a gang or street gang.
(in the midst of one of our huge Death Crue parties)

{DC boy} crack me another beer bro

{non DC boy} damn i just gave you one...

{DC boy} that shit is gone homie, and so are the three you had in your backpack..

{non DC boy} ... fuckin DC boys, theres never anyhting left when u fuckers get here.
by Devin [DC*] February 18, 2009
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