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Death By Guru, or more commonly known as DBG, is a street gang, that is to be feared and avoided at all cost. If DBG tags are seen in your neighborhood--move. They will paint your pets green and change their name to "hulky"... to which your pet will only respond to "hulky" from then on. The worst part is, you'll never suspect the members if they aren't attacking you at the time.

They got their name from a style of death that started in the Amazon rainforest where the tribe would kill you via butt sex.... thats how savage this gang is.

But now... they've gone commercial. They will infect your children's mind. Soon there will be DBG t-shirts and hats. and you wont be able to get away. because once you've figured out that they're there... its already too late.
Oh shit! Did that sign have DBG on it? Oh no.... that dog is green and that kid shirt says DBG. There goes this town. It just died in a Death By Guru!
by I am DBG February 12, 2011
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