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A precious person you have a profoundly tender, passionate love for. Radiating with life that doesn't burst out, but lets you gently feel its warmth, Dearest has such an affection for those in his life even if it's not showing. He might be seen with several friends, but preferably favor walks with less people compared to a vegetable in a garden. He’s mature yet wild and filled with youth, forgiving but still take heat for your mistakes and oddly seem to be always right, so you wouldn't want to fuck around with him because he can always justify himself when you think against him. Though he may be snarky, it's never meant to hurt, only entertain.

He is a very strong individual who knows how to display feelings. Although strong yet sensitive, makes him desireably huggable at any time. Also mysteriously skilled at making his girl feeling good about herself as he is caring, an impressive kisser and a kick-ass at making out.

Dearest is Important in a loving way. He would do nothing less than get you lifted. And that’s something to be proud of because he takes pride in you. He is honest, truthful, witty, and remarkable. He deserves to be treated right and to be dead loyal for.. Genuinely speaking, Dearest is worthy of being exceptionally cherished with open arms and a delightful heart.

Possibly someone you can only meet once in a lifetime.
The smile on my face is you, and so is the glow everybody notices. Dearest <3 stay still in my heart.
by Makebaa June 05, 2018
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