A Broadway-production-turned-movie that stars the mentally ill protagonist Evan Hansen. He is supposed to be a sort of misunderstood hero, but is actually pretty manipulative and a bad person in general. Also, the movie is just poorly made. In the words of a “Den of Geek” article: “Dear Evan Hansen is a story in which a lonely kid makes a horrible mistake and then doubles down on exploiting another lonely kid’s suicide because of the instant gratification it gives him as a social media celebrity, and because it allows him to insinuate himself among a grieving family. Rather than deeply exploring the unpleasant and even cruel consequences of these choices, the film weaves and dodges, attempting to always make excuses for Evan’s actions and assure viewers he’s a nice, relatable every-teen.” Also, just thought I’d add that he makes the sister of the dude that committed suicide think that he knew he knew her brother so he can date her, so that’s messed up.
“Dear Evan Hansen is stupid and I hate it.”
by DarkDiction049 August 23, 2022
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