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Term for when an electronic music producer / or musician in general releases a tune on their own digital label that no-one buys, listens too or gives a s*** about just so they can say they have a release. This can be accidental if this only happens with one release. If however they release scores of tunes in this way they are clearly either:

(i) Trying to counterfeit reputation ie. trying to mislead people of their true standing in the game to get bookings / further releases

(ii) Trying to be counterfeit status among their contemporaries

(iii) Tragically deluded.

See also Dead soul label (DSL)
Jim: "Wow DJ Killa Sniper is pretty big in the game. He has 15 releases".

Jack: "Nah, I looked them up. They're all DSR (dead soul releases).

Dead soul release (DSR)
by Dr. Colossus 02 October 26, 2010
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