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1. A song by an artist who has died, or in which at least one person dies (or is already dead) in the song. If two people are dead, it's a double-header deader; if three, it's a triple-header deader, and so on.

Stuff by Elvis may or may not count, depending on whether or not you think he is dead.

2. A game played by bored night shift workers with a radio. The minute you hear a dead song, you scream out: "DEAD SONG!"
One point is given for each dead person--for example, if you hear "In The Ghetto", you get two dead points--one for the dead young man in the song, and one for Elvis (unless you believe he's still alive). The first bored co-worker who gets ten points wins the game.
Worker One: "Ooh, "Wildfire!" Triple header Dead Song! Gimme three points!"

Worker Two: "What do you mean--three points? There's only two people in the song!"

Worker One: "Aw, come on, man, the pony died too!"

Worker Two: "Oh, yeah, that's right, but it only counts in country songs."
by pellygirl February 18, 2010
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